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The calorifier is a heat exchanger storage tank used to heat the desired liquid; it’s called a calorifier tank when the heat source is another liquid generated from boilers or solar systems. In comparison, it’s called an electrical water heater tank if the heat source is electricity.

The calorifier can be supplied in several types:

  • Water Heater Tank with Single Serpentine Type (Or Called with Fixed Internal Heat Exchanger)

  • Water Heater Tank with Double Serpentine Type (Or Called with Two Fixed Internal Heat exchangers)

  • Water Heater Tank with Tube Coil

  • Electrical Heater Type

  • The electrical type can be combined with other types as backup power.

  • Water cooling tank. 

Calorifiers _ Pure Seasons _ Saudi Arabia

 Cathodic Protection:

 Our industrial water heaters tanks are supplied with cathodic protection anodes.

  • Magnesium Anode

  • Titanium Anode

Calorifiers _ Pure Seasons _ Saudi Arabia
Calorifiers _ Pure Seasons _ Saudi Arabia
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