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Ecology Unit 

Kitchen Ecology Unit (KEU) also known as Pollution Control Unit (PCU ). It is a complete filter arrangement developed to remove smoke , grease particles and to control odor from the exhaust air stream of kitchen hoods along with exhaust fans , Ecology Unit is considered a perfect solution for commercial kitchens which usually serve Hotels, restaurants, Hospital and Food industry.

Kitchen Ecology Unit | PURE SEASONS | Saudi Arabia

Kitchen pollution treatment is one of the hot topics highlighted in new building design criteria. Ecology Unit reflects a growing trend in Green Building standards , Municipal legislation to improve the Quality of buildings air fields.


ECOLOGY UNIT components including Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) along with metal Filter and grease trap offer economical operation cost, high efficiency of removing grease and smoke produced during cooking posses , that will lead to increase the safety of exhaust fan system and reduce air pollution to comply with the regulation and standards which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet green building requirement .

Ecology unit ozone system with activated carbon filter considered a full solution for odor control system , it is required system for any restaurant. where it will leads to reduce risk of complaints from neighbors who may be disturbed by the smell , complaints can push authorities to force the restaurant to close.​In case of seafood , food with Asian flavors and BBQ restaurant , it is a real challenge for any shopping mall , food court in commercial centers or cities municipalities to have those kinds of restaurant.

greasiest roof | Pure Seasons | Saudi Arabia
Pure Seasons | Saudi Arabia
Pure Seasons | Saudi Arabia

Without odor control unit ,  hotels client   will  detected Food odor inside the rooms  they will find smell in bed ,blanket and carpets , because food smell exhausted from kitchen will usually back by fresh air intakes , on other side food smell will be existing at Hotel courtyard , swimming pool and hotel reception entrance ,  that will lead to low customer reviews which consider a Serious problem to any  5-star hotel or resort .

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It is Serious Challenge!

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