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We are committed to maintain the highest quality standards in services,  delivery and to enhance within an independently assessed quality management system. We are highly focused on Supply products and Services to meet agreed specifications and requirements .  A Project  Quality Plan has been issued on the authority of the Board of Directors and the implementation of this plan is mandatory among all employees. This plan is listed in the incoming sections of this document. Our Quality Improvement program comprises of :


  • Meet customer requirements.

  • Focus on prevention and risk management.

  • Continuous improvement of methods, tools and skills.

  • Continuous Supplier Development.

  • Our employees are the most important aspect of our company.

  • We are providing ongoing training and qualification for our employees.



PURE SEASONS Always considers safety as the very top priority at all times. Our Management sets a high standard for employee’s safety, Health and Welfare Protection. Production and Safety on site are vital criteria to ensure work execution in properly manner. Recognizing these in the best interest of modern management practices, PURE SEASONS is continuously working on:

  • The application of the safety Rules and Regulations, General Instruction, Codes and Procedures as set by the Client.

  • Constant adherence to safe operating procedures and practices so as to ensure effective control against accidents and illnesses.

  • Providing an adequate and safe place to accommodate our personnel on site with portable water, first aid facilities and proper sanitation.

  •  To educate all personnel on safety methods, procedures, using personnel protective equipment, and existing restrictions prevailing on site.

  • Conduct ten-minute safety discussions, organized and implemented by each crew supervisor every working day. Minutes of the meeting will be forwarded to Client Representative.

  •  It is the responsibility of each individual employee to support and promote safety and Health processes in order to ensure a safe work environment.


To achieve this objective, the following principles and practices are to be applied:

  • A safe work environment is provided by careful design of new facilities, purchase of safe equipment and by elimination of Hazards. In Situations where danger and hazards are part of the project and inevitable the harmful effects are minimized through environmental controls, training on safe work method, and by enforcing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Sufficient qualified manpower shall be provided to meet the operations, maintenance and services requirements.

  • Employees are continuously trained to develop and maintain the skills acquired which are required in their work. Inculcate to employees their personal responsibility and liability to prevent injury to himself, others, and damage to property.

  • Communication  between  employees  and  supervisors  is  encouraged  to  expedite handling of  suggestions for the elimination of work hazards. The upward communication system is ensured to be always available to facilitate safety suggestions.

  • All effective motivation methods are employed to encourage employee participation in loss prevention

  • Supervisors conduct frequent inspection in respective work areas with the intent to locate any hazardous or unsafe conditions that may exist and accordingly eliminate or advise corrective actions.



We recognize and understand situations that can be a risk to the environment. We have developed week-to-week procedures to avoid these situations and have planned for emergencies associated with such risks. It is not only important to us to create an environmentally sound workplace, but to liaise with the community to ensure that noise pollution and any environmental questions are answered before they become an issue.



PURE SEASONS  gives a supreme importance to the selection and process in order to recruit high quality staff with necessary skills and attributes to enable the company to fulfill its corporate aims and objectives. PURE SEASONS  Selection and Recruitment Policy and Procedures aim to provide clear guidance to Manager in      relation to both the selection and appointment of staff. The PURE SEASONS  Selection and Recruitment Policy consist of the following:

  • Justification for the recruitment.

  • Recruitment of staff with the appropriate skills, both technical and personal, in order to meet the company’s current and future needs.

  • Merits shall be the only criteria for all the appointments.

  • Assessment, as per requirements for all the appointments in the company is mandatory.

  • PURE SEASONS  recognize s the skills and abilities of all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, age creed, color or Nationality.

  • Internal candidates or others personally known to the company must be treated in exactly the same way as all others candidates.

  • Developed and enhance the public image of PURE SEASONS  both as an employee and as quality provider of construction service.

  • The Recruitment procedure consists of the following steps. Vacancy arises Need to fill position confirmed and approved by the authority.

  • Review job description, job specification and criteria of Advance position Short listing of applicants.

  • Interview applicants and select a suitable applicant.

  • Under take the references check and organize check and pre employment medical examination.

  • Offer position to the applicants subject to medical clearance and management approval Provide induction program, review performance and complete probation assessment.

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