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ECO Hood

Innovative solution for narrow spaces


Ecology Unit | Eco Seasons
  •  Available with two dimensions, and can be also joined together for larger length, also, can be back to back with other ecology hood for hanging in middle of the kitchen.

  • Compacted solution, which includes hood for kitchen as well as electrostatic filter to filter air from oil with high efficiency.

  • Maintenance cost and time saver, compared with other type of ecology units which installed on roof.

  • Cost effective, with UL ESP (Electro Static Precipitator ), can be provided with double and single cell.

  • The system with compacted activated carbon canister, with 45cm length and 16 units for more odor control.

  • No need to clean duct from grease blockage on ducts wall.

  • Units come with 1.2mm stainless steel grade 304.

  • Can be custom design as per client requirements.

  • The system with separate controlled EC fan.

  • Installed with UV to reduce odor smells.

  • More safety for fire at ducts.

  • Good for space saving.

Ecology Unit | Eco Seasons

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ECO SEASON is a Saudi brand for the manufacture of high quality kitchen ventilation systems.

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