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ECO Unit

Ecology Unit | Eco Seasons

Customized Unit

Pre Filter
􀀬􀅝􀅐􀅚􀀃􀀜􀄸􀄐􀅝􀄞􀅶􀆚􀀃􀀜􀅯􀄞􀄐􀆚􀆌􀅽􀆐􀆚􀄂􀆟􀄐􀀃􀁗􀆌􀄞􀄐􀅝􀆉􀅝􀆚􀄂􀆚􀅽􀆌􀀃High Efficient Electrostatic Precipitator

Removing grease, moisture and other particles from the exhaust air by ionizing the particles.

Bag Filter

In order to provide a longer life for the Activated Carbon filter.

Activated Carbon Filter

Removing odor from the exhaust. High dwelling time

High Efficient Fan  

UV Light

In addition to removing common kitchen odors , UV lights also go to work on airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Unit Configuration

Ecology Unit | Eco Seasons

Horizontal Orientation

Ecology Unit | Eco Seasons

Vertical Orientation

Reliable Solution

The control of cooking odors is one of the most important factors involved in the classification of hotels, as cooking fumes and odors are usually blown on the roof of the hotel, but cooking odors soon enter with the fresh air intake to the hotel rooms, which causes inconvenience to guests, which leads to a bad rating on the platforms Booking of hotels .

So Kitchen Ecology Unit can ensure that the hotel rental price will not drop and keep the hotel surroundings clean from any fumes or bad Smell. 

Jeddah Hotel

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ECO SEASON is a Saudi brand for the manufacture of high quality kitchen ventilation systems.

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